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If you don’t think “there’s something for me” when you think AARP, you don’t know

It’s a great time to get to know us. Whether you’re looking to start a new career, find the perfect getaway, get helpful caregiving tips, keep your brain healthy or save some cash, take a few to explore all the ways AARP can make it happen. Or learn about other membership benefits.
Take a few to explore all the ways AARP can make it happen.

The Perks of Membership

As a valued AARP member, you’ll enjoy boundless benefits, discounts and much more:

  • volunteering_opportunities_image
    Opportunities to volunteer or mentor in your community
  • discounts_image
    Discounts on everything from movies, to spa visits, to groceries, to wireless service
  • resources_image
    Resources to help you reimagine your life, strengthen connections or feel more fulfilled at work
  • travel_offers_image
    Exclusive travel offers on vacations, hotels, car rentals and more
  • technology_image
    The latest technology tips, trends and tools
  • financial_advice_image
    Helpful financial advice to make the most of your money
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Every day, over 10 million 50+ adults struggle with hunger because they don’t have the money or can’t get to the grocery store. AARP Foundation’s Drive to End Hunger is helping people eat better in communities all over the country.


  • shopping cart
    Offer to do the shopping

    for homebound 50+ adults in your neighborhood.

  • deliver
    Pick up and deliver meals

    working with your local Meals on Wheels group.

  • meal
    Share a meal

    Invite a 50+ neighbor to a meal at your home or a favorite restaurant.

  • donate

    and help us reach our goal every year.



AARP Caregiving gives you tools and tips to help you care for a loved one


Pack your bags

Get inspiration to create the trip that’s right for you with AARP Travel. We’ll lead the way to your dream destination or weekend getaway with detailed guides, expert tips, great articles, travel trends and so much more. Book your trip with us and save.

Your vacay, your way

Whether you’re an adventurer, weekender, foodie or shopper, we’ll help you discover the perfect destination to match your travel preferences – like what you like to do and your length of stay.

Find Your Trip

Travel carefree & stress-free

Let our Travel Ambassador, Samantha Brown, show you how to plan your next dream vacation with AARP – effortlessly.

Your personalized travel planner

AARP Travel makes it really easy to plan and book your trips. Plus, AARP members have access to savings on hotels, car rentals, cruises, tours and airfare. Our destination guides have the information you need to make your dream trip a reality – with detailed information on lots of great locations from Geneva to the Grand Canyon.

Plan and Book now

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Staying sharp for a holistic approach to brain health


Boost your brainpower

Did you know there’s more you can do to care for your mind? Things like eating healthy, learning new skills and socializing help keep your brain in tiptop shape. Staying Sharp is a science-based, holistic approach that allows you to track and measure key aspects of your brain health.
  • move image


    For your brain as much as your body.

  • discover image


    Learn to love learning.

  • relax image


    Breathe deeply and improve your mindset.

  • nourish image


    How to eat with your mind in mind.

  • connect image


    Friends bring out your best.

Go To Staying Sharp

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WORK helps you recharge your career


Enjoy AARP On The Go

AARP’s app makes the most of your day by giving you curated access to the latest news, nearby events, and local deals—all in the palm of your hand. Now you can access AARP wherever you are!

Learn More

Lighten the Load

Lighten the Load

We get that it can be overwhelming being a caregiver. Our Prepare to Care Guide is here to help you every step of the way.

Download Now

Prepare to Care Guide

  • plan_image
    Our Prepare to Care Guide has the step-by-step information you need so you can take care of your loved one and yourself in the best possible way.

Additional tools to fit your needs

  • When it comes to caregiving, everyone’s situation is unique. Here’s a range of helpful information, tips, advice and resources to meet your family’s needs:
  • plan_image
    Start the conversation Have questions about benefits, housing, legal matters, finances, long-term care and end of life care? We’ve got the answers.
  • plan_image
    Put a plan in place Find great tips and articles, including caregiving stress busters and practical knowledge, for those in the planning process.
  • connect_image
    Connect with others Find support, get real advice and talk with other caregivers in the same place as you.

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AARP Fraud Watch Network helps you fend off scammers



Welcome to the neighborhood! Enter now and take an interactive health and wellness tour through our virtual town and you could win $10,000!

Enter now

Catch ‘em
if you can

Catch ‘em
if you can

Identity theft. IRS imposters. Bogus bills. How can you outsmart the scammers? The AARP Fraud Watch Network keeps you in-the-know on how to protect you and your family from scams and fraud.

Help Scam-Proof Your Life

Fend off today’s con artists with scam alerts delivered right to your inbox. Find out what to do if you or someone you love has been victimized. Take fraud smart quizzes, get prevention tips, useful articles and expert advice.

go to aarp fraud watch network

Map out fraud, wipe out scams

Use our scam-tracking map to find the latest fraud resources in your area. Connect with law enforcement and people like you who are on the lookout for scams. See what people are reporting in your state – and let us know about any suspicious scams you’ve seen. We’ll add everyone’s experiences to the map so you’ll know what to watch out for.

go to SCAM-tracking Map

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Local shows you what’s happening in your neighborhood


Seasoned Pros Wanted

Your experience counts – big-time. At AARP Work & Jobs, you’ll find innovative tools and guidance to nurture your know how – and lead an effective and efficient job search. We’re here to help you connect, stand out and get wherever you need to be.

Make the right connections

Connect with over 300 companies that signed a pledge to recognize the value of experienced workers. Explore the full list – and discover all the ways we can help you find the right job opportunity.


Recharge your career

Discover new ways to interview, write a resume that stands out and re-energize your LinkedIn profile to jumpstart your job search or boost your career.


Get inspired

Find the motivation to live an inspired life from this powerful influencer.

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Travel helps you create the trip that's right for you


In your neck
of the woods

We’re right in your neighborhood, helping you find interesting places to go and things to do. Our site makes it easy to see all the exciting local events, great programs, fun activities, discounts and more.

What’s happening around town?

From free computer classes to movie screenings to informative workshops, we know what’s going on in your community. So whether you live in Los Angeles or plan to visit Tampa, you’re about to be surprised by all the activities you can find right here.

local_tv_imageComputer Classes
local_tickets_imageFree Movie Screenings
  • local_tv_image
    Computer Classes
  • local_tickets_image
    Free Movie Screenings
  • local_presentation_image

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DRIVE TO END HUNGER helps 50+ adults eat more and eat healthier


The benefits go on and on and on…

Now that you’ve gotten to know us, sign up for auto-renew to save 25% when joining or renewing your membership…what are you waiting for?


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